This is a small selection of projects that I have been involved with, including start-ups. Due to the amount of work I have done, and the sensitivity of some of the work, I am unable to provide an exhaustive list. If you wish to inquire about a type of project or a specific field, please reach out to me and I can work with you to provide you more information.


Small-business consulting group addressing common growing pains that new businesses face during their first two years.

SOC Telemed Analysis

Entrepreneurial finance analysis on SOC Telemed financial operations, stability, and growth.

Global Strategy

An evaluation to determine any level of quantifiable measure of risk in international business expansion.

Small Business Solutions

A conceptual business plan focusing on developing an Uber-style platform for business consulting.

Start-up technology built on the concept of self-destructing, high-entropy, encrypted messages

IA in Health Care

An analysis of information assurance trends in medicine as part of my MS degree.